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The Subtitlers’ Association, founded in 2006, owes its origins to a group of five concerned subtitlers who, back in November 2004, started the London Subtitlerbase e-group. It provided a space mainly for the discussion and sharing of problems within the profession. This group grew strong and eventually reached some 100 members, most of them subtitlers. Later on, in 2006, a few of its members started to meet regularly with the purpose of trying to find solutions to some of the problems and difficulties that endanger our highly skilled profession.

It became obvious to us that we needed an organization that would raise standards and ensure fair pay for subtitlers.

It was with this idea in mind that SUBTLE – The Subtitlers’ Association was born as a UK based non-profit organization formed by a group of professional subtitlers to promote high-quality subtitling and maintain standards of professionalism within the industry. The Association has since expanded to welcome members from all over the world.

SUBTLE was also created to inform the industry of the need to safeguard quality standards in subtitling. Our hope is that people within the industry (writers/directors/producers/actors) will support us in our bid to raise standards and ensure fair pay for subtitlers.

The aims of the Association are:

  • To promote the recognition of subtitling as a highly-skilled, specialized profession in its own right

  • To encourage the use of skilled and experienced professional subtitlers by the film/TV industry

  • To establish a means of regulating the subtitling profession to ensure that recognized subtitlers meet minimum requirements in terms of quality of work and professional conduct
  • To promote fair rates and working practices for professional subtitlers


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