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  • interlingual subtitling is not yet a profession with a recognized representation, but simply treated as a job any translator can do - even though it is highly specialized and requires additional skills

  • globalization is forcing us to leave the profession as companies turn to cheap non-expert providers elsewhere

  • the art of subtitling is one which has long been under-appreciated and misunderstood

  • quality standards are at risk

We need to
  • gain professional recognition

  • work towards getting our profession regulated

  • promote fair rates and working practices for professional subtitlers

  • create a seal of quality or approval so that clients can be assured of our competence as professionals.

In light of the deterioration of subtitlers' working conditions as well as the quality of subtitles in films and programmes, we, as professional subtitlers, feel that the only way to reverse this trend is to act together to achieve our aims. This will benefit everybody involved in the creation and enjoyment of subtitles, as well as film-makers:
  • As subtitlers, we will gain acknowledgment for our skills, experience and professionalism and will therefore be rewarded accordingly, so that we can continue to provide the best service to clients.

  • Audiences will be able to enjoy the programmes and films to the full, knowing that they are getting good value and that their languages are not being mangled on the screen.

  • Companies involved in film and TV production will secure their markets by assuring quality for the continual enjoyment and appreciation of their products.
This is where you come in! To achieve the above, a collective effort is needed. We need all the help and support we can get to find a way out.
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